is a film/photo series created by Connecticut based photographer, Ty Morin. Over the next few years, he will be seeking out every single one of his Facebook friends to take their portrait...all 788 of them. The idea is to capture everyone doing something they are passionate about, while filming the whole process. This project will obviously take some time with the vast amount of pictures that need to be taken. The idea here isn't to get everyone in a room and fire off hundreds of pictures one after another. I want to sit down with everyone and witness what gets their blood pumping. That is why I am shooting everything with an old 8x10 camera. The process of shooting with this camera is long and tedious, but it also allows me to spend time with these people. Each portrait takes about an hour to complete. If I were to shoot this with a digital camera, I would be in and out in 2 minutes- that's barely enough time for a handshake. My journey will consist of plane tickets, train tickets, and a lot of fuel. All that traveling calls for more than just a hello.
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